Woodlands Childcare

                    A Typical Week At Woodlands Childcare



On a Monday we stay at home to follow the children's interests.

We do arts and crafts and have Indoor/Outdoor play.

We also focus on our theme/topic of the term and use our curiosity with being involved with loose part play... 





On a Tuesday we go on our weekly Forest Childcare adventure.

We visit a local woodlands and do activities according to the Season . We may even visit a place of interest within the local community.

We get the freedom to explore in our all in ones and Wellington boots.





On a Wednesday we go to Manchester Road Playgroup .We get to do creative activities and to play with other children that attend. This playgroup has been fully modernised in January 2017 and presents a bright, open space to allow freedom to move around. There are lot's of toys at this playgroup and plenty of opportunity for using our physical skills......

Attending the playgroup enables us to socialise with a larger group of children. 

We also do some music and movement to finish the session off.... 




On a Thursday we visit another playgroup. 

This playgroup runs a See and Know session where we dance to music and express ourselves with the musical instruments. 




If the weather is fine we visit our local park and do nature walks etc.


 We visit all the Playgroups in the mornings and then head home for lunch and a rest if needed.

In the afternoons we plan fun activities for the children with Indoor/Outdoor access available. We follow our Theme/Topic and Interests.......