Woodlands Childcare

Curiosity learning






At Woodlands Childcare we have a passion to deliver a high quality learning and developing environment.

With this in mind we are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to move forward to keep the children engaged in their learning and development. 

We are implementing loose parts play, which is about the children exploring natural materials and authentic resources.

Children love to have what adults have...A real mobile phone , real pots and pans etc.

We provide real objects and love to observe the children playing with these objects , being engaged and curious ..

Natural objects offer open ended play, each creation being individual and unique.They stimulate senses, from the prickly pine cones,  the smooth pebbles  to the sound of the sea in the sea shells....

    Using my fine manipulative skills effectively


  Can I balance this?                                 


 Does this fit in here?