Woodlands Childcare

                                     Day Care at Woodlands

 We provide quality childcare within a detached property in Radcliffe.The property is situated on a quiet Cul- De- Sac and has large spacious rooms for the children.

We are a non - smoking household.

Care is provided in the downstairs of the property. These are all bright, natural coloured rooms. We have a quiet sleep room for the children to have a sleep or rest in which has a monitor so that we can hear the children at all times. We also do regular checks.

The environment provided is loving and caring ensuring that every child is treated as an individual and that the highest possible standards of care are being met at all times.

There is a parent's noticeboard area which provides you as parent's with up to date information at Woodlands , this is displayed at the side of the main entrance.As the main carer your opinions are valued and we believe that good parental partnership is the key to happy and contented children.

We provide daily activities which are child led as well as some adult direction ensuring there is a good balance throughout the day.These focus on the Early Years Outcomes.

Every child has a learning journal which contains observations,records  etc.

Each child has a daily diary so that a good partnership is built up with parents. Within the diary will be a record of meals eaten, nappy changes, bottle feeds and activities undertaken that day.We also value your input on this as part of our communication process.The diary is paperless and provided via the internet which is password protected so that you can only view and comment on your child.

 We have a private and secure entrance for parents and children which is linked to our CCTV.   


     We Provide

Baby wipes - Cotton wool if preferred


Individual  bedding - kept in their own individual bedding bag

All meals and snacks/drinks

Stimulating toys and activities

Daily diary

Learning journal

Daily outings to playgroups/childrens centres etc

We ask you to provide


Spare clothes

Special creams

Bottles and formula milk (Please label bottles with child’s name)


Labelled sun cream

Labelled clear water bottle (For children 2+)

Indoor shoes (Preferabbly slippers)

Wellies - Nature Walks - Forest Childcare

Appropriate daily clothing


At Woodlands Childcare we are PROUD.