Woodlands Childcare

Our Setting

Our Garden

We have a decked area which is covered and provides shelter for our creative area.


 Within our outdoor area we have natural play products , these include a slide and a playhouse. In the playhouse there is a quiet reading area and it is also a mark making area....

We also have an enclosed trampoline.

On our covered decking area we have a sand tray and a water tray, we also have a well stocked mud kitchen, where the children can use real home kitchen utensils, pots and pans to make sand pies and more tasty delights.....

There are mark making areas - chalk boards and large interactive boards.


 We have a fairy garden, where the children can use their imagination and creativity.... We also grow our plants in this area .In the Winter months this changes into a Dinosaur world.

The grass is a safety surface and enables us to play out whatever the weather.....

On our patio area we have lot's of bikes,scooters and ride on cars.

Our outdoor area is an extension of the indoors and the children have open access to both the Indoors and the Outdoors - they have the choice which enables development in all areas.



Our Indoor area 


 Our playroom has areas for us to access various activities.

There is a reading/book area which has soft cushions and is in a natural den, we have a large rug to play with small world toys or toys we have chosen, we have a small table where we can sit and colour or cut or use construction toys .We also do our focused activities at this table.

The Indoor environment is of a neutral colour to maintain a calming feel... We display the children's artwork on our display boards, that are at the children's level.... 







Safety First

We have invested in a new driveway to provide off road parking for parents.

In December 2015 we were flooded and so on our return to our home we have made improvements ....

We now have CCTV camera's  around the house and a secure entry system .... 


 As you can see from the photographs we provide a variety of exciting and stimulating areas for the children and we are actively seeking new ideas to implement by attending courses and listening to the children and parent's that already use our service.